LIVE: AG William Barr Holds Press Conference Regarding Mueller Report 4/18/19

by RSBN Staff

Attorney General William Barr confirms what President Trump has declared all along; there was no Russian collusion or obstruction of justice amid the ongoing Mueller probe.

Barr made the remarks during a press conference Thursday, clarifying the special counsel did not find evidence to suggest there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election cycle.

Barr went on to say there was also not enough evidence to suspect the president obstructed justice during the nearly two-year probe.

Shortly after holding the press conference, the full, redacted Mueller report was released to the American public.

Barr clarified only limited redactions were necessary in an effort to make the release process as transparent as possible.  

Though Barr did say Russia was involved in hacking efforts and did seek to sow discord among voters during the 2016 election, there was no involvement with Trump campaign members.

According to the attorney general, the White House fully cooperated with the investigation as it continued and did not try to interfere in the process.

The attorney general emphasized Americans should be grateful for these conclusions, as the long-awaited conclusions have finally been made public.

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