WH Could Hold Campaign-Style Rally For SOTU If Pelosi Retracts Invite

by RSBN Staff

The Trump administration is reportedly constructing two different plans for the State of the Union Address next week.

One plan is to deliver the speech as previously scheduled on Capitol Hill, and the other includes a campaign-style rally to emphasize the need for stricter border security.

Reports claim if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not allow the president to deliver the speech in the halls of Congress, he may hold a rally near the U.S.-Mexico border in south Texas instead.

One official reportedly suggested the address would still be scheduled for January 29.

Pelosi invited President Trump to deliver his State of the Union Address earlier this month amid the ongoing, partial government shutdown.

The House Speaker ultimately holds the authority in deciding which venue the president will deliver his remarks.

Pelosi had previously requested President Trump postpone the speech until after the government shutdown due to security concerns.

Secret Service fired back saying they were fully prepared to protect the president in the halls of Congress.

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