LIVE FROM THE US-MEXICO BORDER: We Build the Wall – Wall-A-Thon

by Joe Seales

Join the RSBN crew LIVE June 24th-26th from the US-Mexico Border for the We Build the Wall Wall-A-Thon in Sunland Park, NM. The event will be hosted by Brian Kolfage, Steven K. Bannon, Tom Tancredo, Sheriff Clarke, Foreman Mike, Kris Kobach, Angel Families, Edward Woodson and DeAnna Lorraine.
DAY 1 (Monday 6/24)
Day 2 (Tuesday 6/25)
Day 3 (Wednesday 6/26)

Monday June 24th 6PM-12PM EST
Tuesday June 25th 4PM-12PM EST
Wednesday June 26th 6PM-1PM EST

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