President Trump BLASTS Biden’s war on Pennsylvania energy

by Lauren Bratton

Photo: Alamy

President Trump spoke to an energetic crowd in The Keystone State on Saturday, where he blasted Biden for his war on energy in America and particularly Pennsylvania.

He remarked on the state of the economy under Biden, saying, “One of the leading drivers of Biden’s inflation disaster is his war on American energy, and Pennsylvania energy is a big problem.”  

The 45th president expressed his disbelief in how quickly things changed, telling the crowd, “Under Biden, gasoline prices are up over 50 percent and electricity prices are up 39 percent, rising 13 times faster than under the previous, think of it, 13 times faster than under the previous seven years.”

President Trump discussed how Biden returned to some Trump-era policies because prices were increasing too much. However, he made clear that if Biden wins in November he would “stop drilling and go back to wind, which doesn’t work, he’ll go back to all sorts of things that won’t work.”

He told the crowd that Biden “launched an extremist crusade, actually to smash oil and gas,” adding that he has “imposed a savage natural gas export ban that’s putting countless Pennsylvania jobs at risk. He’s risking your lives, he’s risking your jobs, but he doesn’t care because all he cares about is the green new scam, the Green New Deal.”

He made clear that Biden is “also trying to abolish gasoline-powered automobiles and force everyone into an all-electric car.” He humorously told rallygoers, “I have good news for you, all of you that love those trucks. He wants to make your truck all-electric too, no more gasoline-powered.”

He reassured the crowd that things would get better once he was back in office, stating, “On day one, I will terminate crooked Joe’s insane electric vehicle mandate. Gone! Day one, that’s gonna happen on day one.”

He concluded his remarks on Biden’s disastrous energy policies with, “I’ll end Joe Biden’s natural gas export ban on behalf of the people of Pennsylvania who I love.”

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