President Trump sounds the bell of liberty at the Philadelphia campaign rally

by Lisa Noeth

On June 22, President Trump paid homage to our Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution, while holding his campaign rally in Philadelphia. He highlighted Philadelphia being home to the Liberty Bell and the birthplace of the American Flag thanks to Betty Ross.

The atmosphere inside the arena was electrifying with loud chants of “USA, USA, USA!” as Philadelphia shows their love for President Trump.

A return of economic boom for Pennsylvania’s oil and gas industry under President Trump’s second term

With Pennsylvania having access to a vast amount of natural resources, including oil wells, the state’s economy was impacted by the Biden administration’s regulation of halting energy independence. 

Biden’s shift towards cleaner energy devastated the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania as many workers continue to face economic hardships with the decline of local industry jobs.

The oil and gas industry will boom again under President Trump’s second term with his full support to increase drilling and domestic production for the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia faces rising crime rates as President Trump pledges to restore law and order with increased federal funding

In recent years, Philadelphia has faced enormous challenges with high crime rates as a precedented issue as aggravated assault, gang activities, homicides, and robberies continue to grow at an alarming rate. 

Under his second term, President Trump vocalized his mission to restore law and order to the streets of Philadelphia riddled by backing a stronger police presence and allocating federal resources  again for local law enforcement agencies. 

A well-funded police force is essential to bringing back public safety again, which is an important issue to solve high crime in inner cities nationwide, including Philadelphia.

President Trump stresses the importance of boosting voter turnout in pivotal swing states

In conclusion, the city of Philadelphia welcomes President Trump with the full support from the crowd. President Trump leads in national polls across critical swing states, including Pennsylvania by ten points.

He highlights the importance of active voter participation at the local community level to increase voter turnout and election integrity, in order to secure his victory in the upcoming Presidential Election in November.

The Democrats are not going to divide us any longer with Philadelphia standing strong behind President Trump.

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