Brotherly love on full display in Philadelphia as crowds gather for Trump’s rally

by Lisa Noeth

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, transformed into a vibrant sea of red, white, and blue as thousands of supporters gathered to see President Trump speak live on June 22 at Temple University in the Liacouras Center.

A true sense of patriotism and love for country echoed in the streets of Philadelphia as the crowd waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the man, who significantly impacted the lives of many Americans nationwide during his first term.

The crowd awaiting President Trump’s rally represented the widespread diversity and beliefs of the American people, who are going to vote for President Trump in November.

President Trump is gaining traction with the support of the African-American, Hispanic, and Asian American communities as shown on the streets of Philadelphia. The minority community is no longer overlooked; they have a voice that resonates with President Trump’s message of family, faith, and freedom.

One Trump supporter waiting in line proudly speaks the truth about the love and full support for President Trump ,while dismantling the hate from the left:

Don’t divide us by color, we are all Americans. We all love our country and Trump is fighting for us.

This moving sentiment represents the real America, not the typical stereotypes about Trump supporters perpetuated by the Democrats. Another Trump supporter spoke about her personal story of escaping the threshold of communism in Cambodia.

These patriots waiting for hours in the summer heat represent the dedication and everything that encompasses America First values – freedom and liberty.

As the Democrats try to divide us, Trump supporters resonate the love for America. President Trump is the people’s president as a non-politician fighting for our country.

The love and support will continue to grow for President Trump as he continues to make his campaign stops in inner deep blue cities across the nation.

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