Trump family is stronger than ever with daughter-in-law stating he ‘doesn’t shy away’

W40EB5 Lara Trump speaks during President Donald Trump?s Make America Great Again Rally at the Williams Arena in East Carolina University, Greenville.

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With the ongoing allegations against President Trump, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump reassured supporters and warned opponents that President Trump and his family are stronger than ever. 

Currently, President Trump is facing 37 alleged counts of federal charges in relation to reportedly mismanaging classified documents. While the opposition may be cheering at President Trump’s indictment, this has in no way hampered President Trump’s resolve and has, in fact, pushed his desire to win the 2024 election even more. 

“You know, and I know, and all the American people know that Donald Trump doesn’t shy away from anything.

Lara Trump to Eric Bolling

Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, discussed his strength of character in an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling. During this interview, Lara was asked about President Trump’s difficult interview with Fox News interviewer Bret Baier about the allegations against him. 

Lara’s response was, “Look, there’s no doubt that there’s a lot of pressure on Donald Trump from every angle — from left, from right, from center.” She went on to explain, “I think people can walk away from that interview really seeing Donald Trump’s side of things, really understanding where he stood on all of this.” 

Talking about President Trump’s tenacity and assertiveness, Lara Trump explained her opinion of him. “He’s a fighter. He is not backing down from anything. He’s not afraid of anything.” 

President Trump is often thought to be very intense and forthright, but he attributes his success to his combative approach to politics. In his interview with Baier, President Trump said. “I would like to be less combative, but I find the press is extremely dishonest, and if I’m not combative, I don’t get my word across. If I’m not combative – I don’t think you could win.”

With President Trump’s current lead in the polls, he certainly is looking stronger than ever. 

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