2 in 3 voters agree students should not be counseled on sexual identity without parental consent

More than two-thirds of U.S. adults agree students should not be counseled on sexual and gender identities by educators without parental consent, according to a recently-conducted poll by Rasmussen Reports.

In total, one thousand voters were surveyed and posed the question: “Should schools and teachers be allowed to counsel students on their sexual and gender identities without parental knowledge or consent?”

Overall, 68 percent of adults answered “no.” Broken down by party affiliation, 80 percent of GOP voters surveyed answered no, 54 percent of Democrat voters answered no, and 72 percent of Independent voters answered negatively—reflecting a general consensus across ideological lines.

In the same poll, an even larger number of respondents indicated they believe there are only two genders: male and female, including 63 percent who “strongly agreed” with the statement, while only 18 percent disagreed with the question.

Poll results undermine fringe gender theories pushed by Democrat politicians and educators, who have frequently expressed disapproval with parental involvement in the education of school-age children amid concern regarding gender and sexual theory.

Republican-led states have pushed legislation curbing the teaching of increasingly unpopular gender and sexual identity theories. Texas, for example, recently banned transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports.

Education was a prime issue for voters in the historic Virginia gubernatorial race earlier this year, where Republican Glenn Youngkin upset his Democrat opponent terry McAuliffe, by running on a platform championing parental educational rights.

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