500 citizen volunteers point to problems with voter registration files: report

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

In Wisconsin, roughly 500 citizen volunteer activists took it upon themselves to study election data in the Badger State, digging up evidence that highlighted election problems traced back to the 2020 election.

According to a report from the DC Enquirer, these volunteers largely focused on Milwaukee and Dane counties and identified almost 29,000 people who no longer lived in Wisconsin, but whose names were still on the list of registered voters.

State Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R) shared a press release on her website acknowledging that she had received information from Justin Gavery, a volunteer who reportedly helped study the voter lists in Wisconsin. Brandtjen additionally included links on her website that detailed the potential errors found in both Dane and Milwaukee counties.

The links connected to Excel spreadsheets that included names and addresses of voter registration discrepancies, with categories like “Reg. but never voted,” and “Not WIS-Moved.”

“These age-old mistakes call into question the Electronic Registration Information Center’s (ERIC) ability to properly manage the voter data,” Brandtjen stated.

A previous statement in March 2022 from President Donald Trump spoke to the ongoing suspicion regarding election security in Wisconsin.

She also requested that individuals check to see if their names were on the list of information. At the same time, she advised clerks to sort the data by the municipality and check the names within each jurisdiction to ascertain whether the information was up to date.

Per The Epoch Times, the 500 citizen volunteers who reviewed voter data examined all 72 counties in Wisconsin, but chose to use Dane and Milwaukee as examples of what they found:

  • 12,555 registered voters with vacant addresses,
  • 29,000 voters who indicated they had moved out of state but were still on the Wisconsin voter list,
  • 22,500 errors with addresses,
  • 1,000 duplication registrations in Milwaukee County.

 Brandtjen further stated in her press release, “Statewide we have found 352,588 issues of one type or another out of the ~3.4 million Active registrants.”

She added that the Wisconsin Election Commission’s (WEC) data was also reviewed in this citizen-led investigation and that the goal of presenting the information to the public was to “improve the accuracy of our Wisconsin voting rolls.”

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