AG Paxton explains the alarming dangers of mail-in ballots and voter fraud with Tucker Carlson

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Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has filed 48 lawsuits against the Biden administration, sat down with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week in an exclusive interview following his acquittal in the Texas State Senate after a lengthy impeachment trial.

Paxton told Carlson that illegal immigration in Texas was at the top of everyone’s mind in the state but also pointed out a problem in the Lone State State that came in a close second.

“It’s [illegal immigration] probably the number one issue other than probably, voter fraud,” he explained.

“This whole idea that there’s no voter fraud – complete fabrication,” he later added, explaining how the attorneys general in the state of Texas historically prosecuted cases of proven voter fraud.

He continued, “I only had one lawyer, when I started…we were fully busy prosecuting voter fraud. And then, suddenly, the court of criminal appeals said, ‘Nope. That’s unconstitutional for the attorney general to be in court because he’s the executive branch.’ That was their reasoning.”

However, Paxton said that by that standard, the U.S. Supreme Court would have to rule that no attorney general could be in court because they were in the executive branch.

“We prosecuted voter fraud, and there was plenty of it,” he remarked.

He also detailed how Texas Republicans and the Republican State Speaker of the House Dade Phelan stonewalled his prosecution of voter fraud. Paxton stated, “I know that mail-in ballots are completely unreliable…when they say you can’t prove voter fraud, they are right…when you change it to mailing it out to everybody – we have no idea – we have no idea who’s voting.”

“That’s the system that they like because you can’t prove voter fraud,” he emphasized.

He referred to mail-in ballot voting as an “open system” breeding ground for easy voter fraud.

Paxton additionally used Georgia as an example of alleged election fraud, pointing out that on Election Night 2020, the state stopped counting votes. When Carlson asked why, Paxton stated, “Because what they needed to figure out how many votes there were, so they could know how many mail-in ballots to apply to the election.”

He went on, “It was planned.”

Perhaps most chillingly, Paxton laid out just how destructive mail-in ballots allegedly are because, in his opinion, the fraud cannot effectively be proven. “There’s no way to know [where the ballots come from] – it becomes nearly impossible,” he said.

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