Alabama becomes 20th state to sue the federal government over its vaccine mandate

Attorney General Steve Marshall is suing the federal government over its Covid-19 vaccine mandate. He says that the Biden administration is overstepping its bounds with the unconstitutional vaccine requirement.

Marshall is urging businesses, schools, and state agencies to consider their employees’ medical and religious exemption requests rather than giving blanket compliance to the Biden administration.

Marshall said this week, “The strategy he announced – and the rhetoric he used to announce it – was more benefitting of a tyrant than a president.”

In his lawsuit, Marshall has put forth the argument that a lot of the Alabama Public Health employees would rather quit than be forced to take the vaccine. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has directed all state agencies to cooperate with this lawsuit, according to NBC 15.

Marshall continued in his video to say that, “From start to finish, the President condemned a quarter of the nation’s citizens.”

Before President Biden took office in January, he told the American public that he didn’t think that the vaccine should be mandated and that it wouldn’t be, a stark contrast from the situation Americans are facing today.

Auburn University and the University of Alabama are requiring their employees to get vaccinated by Dec. 8.

The Alabama attorney general’s latest lawsuit joins 19 other red states who also filed suit against the federal government’s vaccine mandate.

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