America First leaders DEFEND President Trump against prosecutorial attacks

2HDK90C U.S. Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) hold a press event to discuss "a Republican response" to the first anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2022. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

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The likelihood that President Trump will be arrested Tuesday has led to a media frenzy. He posted about the situation on Truth Social, per RSBN, calling for peaceful protests. 

Now, America First leaders are defending him and pushing back against the politicization of law enforcement offices.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., described the continued political attacks on President Trump on Twitter, stating, “The American people deserve a government that actually works for them NOT a bunch of self centered communists who bail out their donors, protect the elites, and weld their power to punish their political enemies!”

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., noted the hypocrisy of the alleged charges and called the situation “an absurd abuse of the criminal process in our politics.”

The Kari Lake War Room noted Trump’s popularity stating, “They can’t beat @realDonaldTrump at the ballot box. So, they’re grasping at legal straws to try to send him to jail.”

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., posted, “I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”

Despite continued media attacks and political opposition, President Trump has remained popular and is currently ahead in the 2024 election polls, per National Review

Even business leader and Twitter owner and CEO, Elon Musk, offered his opinion regarding the potential new indictment. He responded to a post about the news, stating, “If this happens, Trump will be re-elected in a landslide victory.”

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