America First representative may move to challenge Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker position

2K5PG67 U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), endorsed by former U.S. President Donald Trump, reacts on stage before a rally ahead of the midterm elections in Mesa, Arizona, U.S., October 9, 2022. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., is making a move to potentially go head-to-head with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., for the position of House Speaker if Republicans are successful in securing a majority, according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

Biggs has been a vocal critic of the Biden administration, garnering widespread Arizonan support for his America First policy approaches. For example, in May, Biggs revealed an “America First Contract” ahead of the heated midterm election season. Per Breitbart, the contract included eight major pillars of America First goals to bring to the U.S. House of Representatives after the 2022 midterm elections concluded:

  1. “Reduce Inflation and Strengthen the Economy
  2. Secure Our Border
  3. Restore Transparency and Parental Choice in Education
  4. Reduce Violent Crime and Preserve the Rule of Law
  5. Restore Election Integrity
  6. Break Up Big Tech
  7. Puts America First in Foreign, Energy, and Trade Policies
  8. Reinstate Good Government Practices
  9. Conducting Oversight.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Biggs told the press last week that there needed to be a “real discussion about whether he [McCarthy] should be the speaker or not.”

When asked if he thought McCarthy would continue holding onto leadership in the House during an interview on “The Absolute Truth” with Emerald Robinson, Biggs stated, “He’s [McCarthy] backpedaled on things like impeachment and, in some ways…that indicates a willingness to be weakening the oversight authority that we need to have and the leverage points we need to have in order to deal with [a] Democrat president.”

Biggs pointed out that the Republican Party did not leverage the National Defense Authorization Act to “remove the vax mandates, for instance.” He went on, pointing out that he “didn’t understand why this is just a foregone conclusion – I think we have to have a real discussion, and see how people respond to the ultimate results of this election and get a feel for his agenda and what he thinks he’s going to accomplish.”

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