‘America itself is on the line’: Elise Stefanik empowers Americans to save the nation

2P38B1B Washington, Dc, United States. 04th Mar, 2023. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik speaks on the 3rd day of the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) Washington, DC conference at Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press) Credit: Pacific Press Media Production Corp./Alamy Live News

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Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., praised America First conservatives during her CPAC speech Friday, calling on everyone to make history.

She noted that although the United States is in crisis, leaders seeking to represent the people are making headway. She described how she became the youngest woman elected to Congress and flipped a Democrat district against all odds. 

Stefanik attributed this to her upbringing in a hard-working small business family. She said that, in the past, former President Barack Obama won her district twice, but, “Now it’s Trump and Elise country.”

She then described her recent claim to fame: her relentless questioning of top college officials regarding claims that they allowed antisemitism to spread on American college campuses. 

“This was truly the most morally bankrupt testimony that I have ever witnessed,” she continued, noting that she had one main moral question to ask, and that was whether or not those schools’ code of conduct allowed for students to call for the genocide of the Jewish people.

The testimony shocked Americans across the nation as the college presidents declined to be specific on whether “calling for the genocide of Jews” was considered harassment or bullying via their codes of conduct, per Stefanik’s office. The congresswoman noted on Friday that her congressional questioning of university mastheads was the most viewed congressional testimony in history. 

She decried “radical-leftist rot“ in American schools and noted that this is not uncommon across the nation. 

“We must stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to these dens of antisemitism. We must account for every dollar of foreign funding flowing into these schools and we will end the tax breaks that have incentivized this moral rot on campus,” she stated.

Stefanik then pledged, “We will not rest until we hold them accountable.”

She called out attacks on Americans’ rights and the democratic process. “We cannot lose sight of what’s at stake. America itself is on the line,” she noted. 

Stefanik described the border crisis and noted that the lesser-regarded illegal crossings at the northern border are up at least 1,400 percent. Crime and fentanyl threats were addressed as well as the legacy media’s refusal to criticize Joe Biden and his administration. 

She said, “The media won’t hold him accountable. The left won’t hold him accountable. So you and I must, and we will hold him accountable at the ballot box.”

She went on to lay out how Biden has quickly destroyed President Trump’s healthy economy through “reckless spending” and “painful Bidenflation.”

She explained how this has destroyed the housing market and taken a toll on middle-class families because “the cost for nearly everything has skyrocketed.”

In addition, she called out Democrats attack on democracy itself. She referenced the Russian collusion hoax, the 2020 election, the Big Tech collusion, and added that unelected liberals are now trying to unconstitutionally remove President Trump from the ballot. 

She warned Americans that “If they weaponize the government against President Trump, they can weaponize it against you, and they have.”

Stefanik noted how conservatives have already been targeted. From religious groups to gun owners, and parents, she described how the Biden administration has used the DOJ against the people. 

“If ever there was a time for patriots to step up and fight, this is it,” she declared.

Stefanik asked Americans to follow President Trump’s example: “When they attack you, we double down and fight back.”

“We are counting on the people to save this great country, to save America, and save America we will,” she concluded. 

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