Arizona Audit Report of 2020 Election Results to be Released Next Week

by Alex Caldwell

The Arizona State Senate announced that they will release the long-awaited results of the forensic audit for Maricopa County and their 2020 presidential election results.

Senate President Karen Fann said the audit report will be delivered on Friday, Sept. 24 at 1:00 p.m. in a public presentation on the Senate floor.

Fann’s announcement came one hour after a judge asked a Senate lawyer to tell him when the final report would be available.

Fann sent a letter to Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan requesting that he make available “all records within your custody or control, or within the custody or control of your subcontractors or other agents, with substantial nexus to the audit.”

The audit, which began in April, was conducted to reveal potential discrepancies from Maricopa County, Arizona after reports of alleged voter fraud ravaging the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump attracted thousands to his rally in Phoenix, Arizona last fall. However, Joe Biden only attracted a small handful of supporters to his rally in Phoenix, Arizona, despite him appearing alongside the pop-singer, Cher.

More than two million votes were cast in Maricopa County. Joe Biden was named the narrow winner of the county with 45,000 votes over Donald Trump. Biden was certified the winner of Arizona’s 11 electoral votes by Arizona Sec. of State Katie Hobbs.

A spokesman for the Arizona Senate Republicans announced that three volumes of the audit findings will be presented at the public hearing next Friday on the Senate floor.

Sen. President Fann (left) and Judiciary Chairman Peterson (right) will receive the report of the Arizona election audit.

Sen. President Fann and Judiciary Chairman Warren Petersen will receive the report. Petersen will then convene his committee “after everyone’s had a chance to go through the audit,” said Fann.

The audit report will be delivered on the Senate floor on Friday, Sept. 24 at 1:00 p.m.

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