Audit analyst found thousands of questionable ballots from 2020 election in Arizona and Pennsylvania: report

2CMBFW2 Eliza Luna, a ballot designer with the Maricopa County Elections Department, counts ballots for the Arizona Presidential Preference Election at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., March 17, 2020. REUTERS/Cheney Orr

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A forensic document analyst and expert who worked on the Maricopa County, Arizona, audit following the 2020 presidential election is calling out discrepancies across thousands of ballots that potentially affected the outcome of the election results.

According to a report from The Gateway Pundit, the analyst’s name is Erich Speckin, and he claimed that approximately 36,000 ballots in the 2020 election in Arizona’s Maricopa County needed to be examined, thanks to anomalous discrepancies between alleged fraudulent ballots and legitimate ones.

The outlet also reported that in Maricopa County, for example, Speckin identified an overwhelming oddity of 58 of 61 batches of 200 ballots that were cast largely for Joe Biden in a decades-long red county in 2020.

However, Speckin’s discovery in Arizona wasn’t the only shocking data he revealed. In a report that he completed for Alleghany County in Pennsylvania in September 2022, he stated that he was asked to review “scans and ballot count sheets from November 2020…”

He wrote, “In this case, I had access to PDF scans of the front and back of each ballot as well as the corresponding PDF of the detail for the counting and tabulation of each ballot. Every ballot has a unique individual identifying number associated with the counting and is part of the PDF file name.”

Speckin also revealed that there were issues with poor ballot image quality, citing ballot defects that numbered “over 10,000 ballots,” which he counted by hand. He added, “Based on the identical nature of the anomalies, it is my opinion that this subset of ballots originated from the same source at some point but not the same source that printed the other ballots where the images have no visible issues.”

He further stated that he believed that a review of the original ballots needed to be conducted “to determine what the significance these findings have on the whole of the approximately 700,000 ballots cast.”

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