AZ Senate Elections Committee passes resolution to BAN voting machines made in foreign countries

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The Arizona State Senate Elections Committee has passed a resolution to ban the use of voting machines in their elections, contingent upon the location of manufacturing the components of the machines.

According to the resolution, the computerized voting machines and systems used in Arizona “contain electronic components that are manufactured, assembled, or tested in foreign nations that pose a threat to the United States and include unsecure components in computerized devices that can and have been used to infiltrate, exfiltrate, and manipulate data as discussed in various publications[.]”

The resolution noted that “actual breaches of computerized devices and computer systems have been discovered at the United States Department of Defense, thousands of government contractors and agencies and Fortune 100 companies.”

The proposed legislation highlighted the need for an open and transparent voting process for the people of Arizona. It also allowed for the use of voting machines if they are designed and manufactured in the United States, as well as accredited by the Department of Defense.

Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers (R) is the chair of the Senate Elections Committee

Per The Western Journal, Maricopa County, as well as almost all other Arizona counties, use Chinese-based voting equipment in their elections. Maricopa County has notably been a woefully embattled epicenter of election-related irregularities. GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, for example, is currently locked in a lawsuit with Maricopa County election officials and former Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs over widespread voting problems that took place on Election Day in November 2022.

Via The Western Journal’s report, the Senate committee’s resolution would effectively ban the use of electronic voting equipment as a primary method of counting votes in the state of Arizona unless the machines adhered to the proposed regulations.

Via The Gateway Pundit, the resolution for prohibiting the use of electronic voting machine equipment in Arizona (SB 1074) requires the approval of the Arizona governor, as stated by the Chair of the Arizona Senate Elections Committee, Sen. Wendy Rogers, R-Ariz.

She wrote:


SCR 1037 is AZ legislature resolved to reclaim its plenary power to oversee FEDERAL elections per the US Constitution, irrespective of governor.

SB 1074 acknowledges the state legislature having authority over STATE elections, which requires a governor’s approval.”

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