Biden gets off scot-free while Trump faces ‘two-tiered system of justice’

2T3HG2G Former President Donald Trump addressed media before 2nd day of testimony of Michael Cohen of civil fraud trial at New York State Court on October 25, 2023

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Biden was found responsible for “willfully” retaining classified documents in Special Counsel Robert Hur’s recent investigation. 

According to the 388-page report, released by Special Counsel office investigators Thursday, “Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen.”

“These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden’s handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods,” the report went on. 

It noted, “FBI agents recovered these materials from the garage, offices, and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.”

While President Donald Trump is fighting in court to remain on the Republican Primary Ballot in Colorado and other states for supposedly engaging in an “insurrection” that he has not been convicted of, Biden will not even be penalized for mishandling sensitive materials.

President Trump faces nearly a hundred questionable charges concerning his business records, his belief that the 2020 election was not properly conducted, and the allegedly classified documents that he stored at Mar-a-Lago, per the New York Post.

The latter is the most concerning due to the existence of evidence that the Biden administration was fishing for a crime to prosecute and debilitate their main political opponent, President Trump, via The Federalist.

What’s more, according to the Wall Street Journal, the precedent set by the ‘Clinton Sock Drawer’ case already interpreted that the president has the authority to decide which records to keep at the end of his presidency under the Presidential Records Act. 

While President Trump remains under constant scrutiny, Biden took various boxes of classified documents when he was a senator and then-vice president, an act that is not protected under the law.

However, investigators who admitted that Biden “willfully” kept classified documents claimed in their report also determined not to prosecute him. They wrote, “We conclude that the evidence does not establish Mr. Biden’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” 

“Prosecution of Mr. Biden is also unwarranted based on our consideration of the aggravating and mitigating factors set forth in the Department of Justice’s Principles of Federal Prosecution,” they continued. 

President Trump issued a statement opposing this decision shortly after the news was released. He said, “THIS HAS NOW PROVEN TO BE A TWO-TIERED SYSTEM OF JUSTICE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL SELECTIVE PROSECUTION!”

“The Biden case is 100 times different and more severe than mine,” he added. 

President Trump said, “He had 50 years of documents, 50 times more than I had, and ‘WILLFULLY RETAINED’ them!”

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