Biden has hit the least popular point in his presidency, NBC reports

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

President Biden has hit an all-time low approval rating, dropping to the lowest it’s been during his presidency, according to recent NBC polls released.

NBC’s national political correspondent Steve Kornacki broke down the polls that the network had been taking, calling out how Biden’s approval rating was holding at 46 percent in January, however, it has now dropped to 40 percent. 

“We started the year with Biden at 46 percent. Remember he was coming off in the heat of his party — a pretty strong 2022 midterm,” Kornacki stated. “Through this year, the news has been rough for Biden on a lot of fronts here, and you see he ends the year 17 points underwater. This by the way is the lowest we have measured his job approval rating since he became president.”

Biden now sits at a 57 percent disapproval rating, according to NBC polls. Kornacki highlighted the fact that the president’s support from Independent voters has dropped significantly, with 63 percent of Independents disapproving of Biden’s job in office.

The national political correspondent additionally highlighted the fact that Biden’s disapproval rating has jumped within his own party, emphasizing the “erosion” the president is suffering.

“However, look at Biden’s own party. The disapprove number among Democrats — and this is up since our last poll, which was taken in September just weeks before the events of October 7,” Kornacki stated. 

“Three times as many Democrats disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as president than Republicans who approve. So Biden has suffered erosion just since our last poll within his own party,” the national political correspondent continued. 

Across the board, Biden has significantly dropped in approval ratings regarding the economy, foreign policy, and the Israel-Hamas war, according to NBC.  

Notably, Biden’s approval rating among young voters has shifted significantly for the president who once held a stronghold with the group. The president’s approval rating among voters between 18 and 34 has fallen from September’s 46 percent to 30 percent, according to the poll. 

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