Biden IRS whistleblower reveals himself

Photo: Alamy

The first IRS whistleblower to offer information regarding the Biden family to the House Oversight Committee has gone public in a CBS interview.

Gary Shapley, a supervisory specialist, has worked for the IRS for 14 years. He directed a team of 12 IRS agents who raised concerns regarding Hunter Biden’s taxes.

Shapley described how this information was not properly investigated according to standard IRS protocol. He said, “There was multiple steps that were slow-walked at the direction of the Department of Justice.”

Shapley admitted that he had never witnessed this behavior within the IRS before, stating, “These deviations from normal process… each and every time have seemed to always benefit the subject.”

Last month, Shapley came forward anonymously, according to the New York Post. He alleged that a potential coverup has been committed regarding tax evasion. 

This is an important aspect of the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the Biden family’s alleged money laundering scheme. Whether the Biden administration is connected to the potential crimes has yet to be confirmed. 

What is known is that Shapley is scheduled to testify before Congress Friday, per Just the News 

Shapley is testifying under whistleblower protections and explained just why he came forward. He noted that it was not something he wished to do at all, but added, “I took a oath of office and when I saw the egregiousness of all of these things it no longer became a choice for me. It’s not something that I want to do, it’s something that I feel I have to do.”

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