Biden takes pre-approved ‘list’ of questions at press briefing, suggests ‘there will be more’ ISIS-K attacks

As fuming calls for Joe Biden’s resignation and impeachment grow among Americans for his severe mishandling of the crisis in Afghanistan, the “surrenderer-in-chief” finally faced the nation and delivered remarks on Thursday evening.

Despite arriving to the press briefing 30 minutes late, it wasn’t long until Biden began mumbling unclear remarks that lowered the public’s confidence in his ability to lead during this time of uncertainty.

Biden began the press conference by first honoring the American “heroes” who “gave their lives” in the Thursday suicide bombings carried out by ISIS-K near the Kabul airport. After holding a moment of silence for the fallen troops, he reaffirmed that the White House has a “continued and sacred obligation to all of you, families of those heroes; obligations are not temporary, they last forever.”

After rightfully honoring the at least 13 U.S. soldiers who were killed in the terrorist attacks, Biden did little to quell the tensions and fears stirring among the general public regarding how he will prevent future attacks and help innocent American civilians and military members evacuate.

“To those who carried out this attack, we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down, and make you pay,” Biden vowed. “I’ll defend our interests and our people with every measure at my command.”

In the same breath, he recognized that ISIS-K may be planning more complex attacks on U.S. personnel and others in the near future.

Joe Biden promised to launch airstrikes “with force and precision at our time, at the place we choose, at the moment of our choosing” in retaliation for killing 11 U.S. Marines, one Navy medic, and another service member whose branch is currently unreported.

“These ISIS terrorists will not win; we will rescue the Americans and Afghan allies and our mission will go on; America will not be intimidated,” he added.

Nevertheless, Biden appeared to contradict himself when he said he does not regret the decision to immediately withdraw U.S. troops out of Afghanistan before evacuating all American civilians and Afghan allies.

After addressing the deadly twin suicide bombings in Kabul, Afghanistan, Biden took a limited “list” of pre-approved questions at the end of the press briefing.

“Ladies & Gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell of NBC,” said Biden, unintentionally admitting that his handlers decide what media outlets are allowed to ask questions.

While responding to the pre-selected questions from reporters in the room, Biden defended his administration’s reliance on the Taliban to ensure the safety of Americans attempting to leave Kabul. He stated that it is in the Taliban’s “interest” to follow through on their promise to the United States to ensure the smooth evacuation and safety of American citizens and allies.

“We’re just counting on their self-interest to continue generating their activities,” he said.

It wasn’t long until Biden finally found a way to stubbornly excuse himself for the Afghanistan crisis by placing blame on President Donald J. Trump.

“I bear responsibility for fundamentally all that’s happened of late. But here’s the deal…you know as well as I do that the former President made a deal with the Taliban,” he said.

Although Biden found a way to blame his predecessor, analysts have noted that the Thursday suicide bombings murdering more than 13 U.S. troops marks the “deadliest day” for the U.S. military in Afghanistan since Aug. 6, 2011, which occurred under the Obama-Biden administration.

Before Thursday, the last time a U.S. soldier died in Afghanistan was about 18 months ago in Feb. 2020.

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