Biden’s approval rating hits SHOCKING new low

Amid amounting criticism from the press, lawmakers, and citizens alike for Joe Biden’s mishandling of the evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan, Biden’s presidential approval rating reached a record low on Monday and then again on Friday, according to polls conducted by Reuters/Ipsos and Rasmussen. The surveys indicate Biden’s approval rating plunged seven percentage points from just a week prior.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 46 percent of American adults approved of Biden’s performance in office, which is down from 53 percent reported last Friday on a similar poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos.

Another Ipsos snap poll showed “fewer than half Americans liked the way Biden has steered the U.S. military and diplomatic effort in Afghanistan” this year. Even more damning were the results that indicated Biden rated worse than any of the previous three presidents who presided over the war in Afghanistan.

Americans on both sides of the political aisle indicated the U.S. should withdraw from the embattled country, with 6 in 10 Republicans and 7 in 10 Democrats agreeing. But Americans also agree that the withdrawal should have been handled more efficiently and competently than what the Biden administration has done so far.

A poll by Rasmussen similarly found Americans disapprove of Biden by 53 percent, and approve by only 46 percent.

The Taliban’s immediate takeover of Afghanistan comes after the U.S. invested billions of dollars in training Afghan troops led to a humiliating end to the United States’ 20-year military presence in the country.

More than 10,000 estimated Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan, with both the White House and top military officials from the Pentagon stating they can no longer ensure “safe passage” for Americans to the Kabul airport to be evacuated.

White House reporters criticized Biden’s inability to answer questions this week as he made multiple short appearances to reaffirm he is “standing squarely in his decision” to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. However, he frustratingly did not take questions from the press.

As U.S. citizens and Afghan SIV applicants are slowly evacuated and returned home to the U.S., the situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate amid the approaching Aug. 31 withdrawal deadline. Biden’s overall approval rating could continue to decline if he cannot ensure the safety of American citizens stuck in Afghanistan.

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