Black Trump supporters now face open violence from mainstream talking heads in the sports arena

2WM4B2J COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA - FEBRUARY 23: Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump speaks at the Black Conservative Federation?s annual Honors Gala at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on February 23, 2024? in Columbia, South Carolina. The Former President is campaigning in South Carolina ahead of the state's Republican presidential primary on February 24. ?(Photo by Michael Nigro/Sipa USA) Credit: Sipa USA/Alamy Live News

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President Trump supporters now face open violence after a sports commentator appeared to openly threaten black Trump supporters.

Former NBA superstar and sports commentator Charles Barkley publicly went on record during a CNN segment with Gayle King, stating that he would “punch” black Trump supporters in the face if he saw them wearing Trump mugshot merch.

Breitbart reported that during this segment, Barkley was discussing President Trump’s speech at the Black Conservative Federation’s gala in South Carolina. During the speech, President Trump marveled at the fact that his mugshot was being made into a shirt and that black supporters were wearing them.  

Breitbart reported that Barkley told King, “First of all, I’m just gonna say this. If I see a black person walking around with a Trump mugshot, I’m gonna punch him in the face.”

King was visibly shocked by Barkley’s statement. Fox News reported that King tried to shut it down and explained that Barkley must be joking. She told Barkley, “You really can’t say that because A: You don’t mean that.” But Barkley said he did mean it and exclaimed that he did not care if he got arrested and that “I’m gonna bail myself out and go celebrate.”

This open exclamation of violence against President Trump’s supporters shows how desensitized mainstream media has become to open calls for assault on those who have a different political opinion.

In fact, just recently, President Trump called out dishonest media for spreading fake news that Biden claimed that President Trump couldn’t remember his wife’s name. RSBN reported that President Trump slammed the media for sharing fake stories made up by the radical left.

Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, responded to Barkley’s shocking comments about punching President Trump supporters. Fox News shared what he wrote on X, “One thing I can guarantee is when you see Wesley Hunt sporting ‘The Mugshot,’ Sir Charles won’t be punching this Combat Vet in the face.” 

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