Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro rips vaccine passports, warns against ‘population control’

Brasília - O deputado Jair Bolsonaro durante promulgação da Emenda Constitucional 77, que permite médicos militares trabalharem no SUS (Antonio Cruz/Agência Brasil)

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil took aim at Covid-19 vaccination passports this week. “If you are accepting this vaccination passport,” the populist president stated, “another requirement will come soon.”

In what appeared to be an ominous warning for the people of Brazil, Bolsonaro continued that accepting the vaccination passports will lead to more government regulation. “And you know where it will stop then,” he said. “Population control.”

He slammed the proposed vaccine passports in Brazil, calling them a “decree.” Discussing the threat to freedom vaccine credentialing poses, he said, “Guys, we either have freedom or we don’t…And the story says: that anyone who gives up a part of their freedom for security, ends up without freedom and without security.”

Previously, Bolsonaro made headlines by making claims that the coronavirus was created in a lab. He also alleged that Covid-19 was released as biological “warfare” on China’s part.

“The people who most accused me of being a dictator are the ones who are doing it now,” the Brazilian president stated.

Bolsonaro has garnered criticism from world leaders by notably becoming one of the few world leaders to deny the Covid-19 vaccine. In a recent address to the United Nations, Bolsonaro clarified his position, Breitbart reported. “My administration has not supported a vaccine or health passport, or any other vaccine related obligation,” he said.

Bolsonaro is up for reelection in Brazil in 2022.

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