California welcomes President Trump with love, warmth, and strong support

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The Golden State opened its arms wide to President Trump on Friday when he arrived in Trump Force Once, treating Californians in Huntington Beach to a flyover and arriving in Anaheim’s tourist district to crowds of eager supporters.

Videos shared on social media showed groups of eager MAGA enthusiasts lining the streets of Anaheim, just around the corner from the Disneyland Resort:

Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller shared a video on X of a group of Trump supporters waving Trump flags, American flags, and patriotic attire, awaiting the president’s motorcade.

“It’s a Trump party in California!!!” Miller remarked.

President Trump delivered remarks at the California GOP Fall Convention in Anaheim, speaking to a packed house of Golden State Republicans who were extremely energized about seeing the president speak in person.

According to RSBN’s Brian Glenn, around 2,500 people packed inside the venue, where countless more supporters gathered outside, according to the president.

“You should see the crowds of people outside,” Trump remarked. “It makes you look like small timers!”

While California is often considered a stronghold for Democrat voters and policies, Republicans showed up strong in the state. President Trump also remarked on Friday that he believed that the Golden State could easily be won by a Republican in a general election “if they didn’t have a rigged voting system.”

However, Trump vowed, “With your support in this election, we’re going to WIN the California primary in a big, beautiful historic landslide!”

President Trump strongly leads the Republican primary race in California. New data from the Public Policy Institute of California found that the 45th president dominated the field of GOP presidential candidates by a whopping 34 points.

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