President Trump visits ice cream shop in fun Los Angeles stop after California speaking event

by Summer Lane

President Trump took a fun trip to “Carvel,” an ice cream shop on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, after he spoke on Friday at the California GOP Fall Convention in Anaheim, greeting a crowd of excited supporters outside the storefront.

The president signed autographs as he approached the business, taking photos, and chatting with California residents who enthusiastically gathered with the hopes of meeting the president.

“It’s in a lot of trouble, California…we’ll turn it all around,” he said, speaking to the press when he walked in the door.

He playfully asked, “Who wants a Carvel?”

When a reporter asked if he would like to run for president against Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., Trump replied, “I’d love it.”

His comment drew cheers and applause from people in the crowd. When asked what his favorite ice cream was, he replied, “Anything in here!”

Trump sparred a little with the press as well while he was in the ice cream shop, asking one reporter why he had to read his questions off his phone. “Can’t you remember it?” he remarked.

Earlier in the day, Trump supporters lined the streets of the tourist district near Disneyland in Anaheim to show their support of the 45th president’s 2024 reelection.

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