Crowd ROARS in North Carolina when Trump asks if he should run in 2024

On Saturday, President Donald Trump asked a crowd of energetic rally-goers if they would like to see him run for reelection in 2024 at a Save America rally in Selma, North Carolina.

The crowd roared with approval and began chanting, “Joe’s gotta go!”

The supercharged rally focused on promoting the campaigns of Republican candidates, including North Carolina Reps. Madison Cawthorn and Ted Budd.

President Trump touched on subjects like the crisis at the southern border and the “rigged” election of 2020.

“The presidential election was rigged and stolen, and because of that, our country is being systematically destroyed…We have a president who is ‘challenged,’” Trump stated.

Trump additionally urged North Carolinians to get to the polls in seven months and vote in the North Carolina midterms.

“The stakes this November could not be higher,” he said. “Our country is being humiliated by a president who has no idea what the hell is going on.”

Trump further pointed out that Joe Biden is surrounded by “vicious, evil and very corrupt people.”

Humorously, a freight train steamed by near the rally and began honking its horn, leading Trump to comment, “You see that? That conductor is a Trump fan!” The crowd responded with laughter, reflecting the optimistic and patriotic atmosphere of the rally.

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