CRUM: Exposing the False Narrative Against Christian Nationalism

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Op-ed by David T. Crum | Photo: Adobe Stock

“So, to put it simply, Christian Nationalists believe in a nation where the rights and responsibilities of the people are derived from God himself, and not simply from a Congress that has become irrelevant, or a Supreme Court gone rogue, or even a neutral Constitution that can be interpreted according to the fleeting ideas of autonomous men,” wrote Larry E. Ball in an article for the Aquila Report.

Ball echoed the opinion of Pastor Doug Wilson, who sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson. In the interview, Wilson proudly accepted the title of Christian nationalist, correctly identifying as a Christian first but also having an appreciation and concern for his country and its current path.

Christian nationalism is not a threat to democracy as many on the left have made it out to be. Christians should not be surprised that they are facing opposition and attacks in this election cycle because most adherents to the faith recognize that their ultimate standards derive from God and not the government. The left despises this logic since many of their positions, such as advocating for abortion or defining gender, come from legislators and not God.

Progressives often hate Christianity just as much as they do the concept of patriotism. In his article titled “We’re All Christian Nationalists Now,” Ball further wrote, “If you believe that God created mankind as male and female, and the Bible forbids a multi-binary identity, then you are a Christian Nationalist. If you believe it is your right to say publicly that “Christ is King,” then you are a Christian Nationalist.”

Proclaiming Christ as King is a direct threat to liberalism. Placing control in God’s hands rather than man’s renders humans entirely irrelevant. This is the fear of the progressive movement, as Christianity defines all morality and the standards for life. Modern-day leftists cannot accept adhering to the teachings and will of God, as it radically departs from their preferred worldview of secular humanism.

If Christians love the Lord and their nation, they should embrace the title and refuse to surrender to such insults. Any student of history knows after the Scopes Trial of the 1920s, Christians, by and large, retreated from the public eye and created their own schools. Today’s generation of believers is challenged not to make the same mistakes as in the past. Retreating will do nothing, as Christianity in itself is a threat to liberalism. 

Sure, you can depart from the public eye and any policy debates, but make no mistake, the radical left will find a way to rail against Christianity.

Proudly assert that Christ is King, refuse to yield from Christ’s standards, and contend for the nation’s morality.

The original patriots had one thing in common: a love for their country and the viewpoint that God’s standards reign, not man’s. Hence, George Washington embraced the motto of An Appeal to Heaven.

The attack on the faith is not new; Jesus even assured persecution would come for those who followed Him. Stand firm in the faith and allow misleading titles to be thrown at you as an insult; it has happened throughout the past generations of Christians.

Whether people refer to you as a Christian patriot or a Christian nationalist, the end result will change little, as the faith is under attack and trying to be erased from this nation’s past and future.

The left has made its stance clear by equating Christianity to patriotism, and any admiration of the original principles of the country is to be frowned upon. Ball perhaps said it best, “If they choose to define Christian Nationalism as a nation influenced by Christians that promote Christian morality because they believe in the God of the Bible, then we will have to live with their definition, and we will have to live with any consequences that come from that definition.”

I sure know I will side with the original colonists and embrace the charge of being a Christian nationalist and patriot.

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