Cruz: Europe on the ‘verge of war’ because of Biden’s ‘fecklessness’

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said that the reason Europe is on the brink of war was due to the ‘fecklessness of Joe Biden’.

“Tragically, Europe is on the verge of war because of the weakness, the fecklessness of Joe Biden,” Cruz told Fox News’s Bill Hemmer. Cruz believes the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan set the stage for the anticipated Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As a result of Biden’s “incredible weakness,” Cruz said, “the chances of Russia invading Ukraine have just risen tenfold.” He added, “The chances of China invading Taiwan have just risen tenfold. We’re seeing the first of those two shoes dropping today because of Biden’s weakness.”

Cruz also mentioned the 2019 sanctions on Russia’s Nordstrom 2 pipeline that President Trump signed into law, which would travel from Germany to Russia without crossing through Ukraine.

“The reason he’s building the pipeline is that it skips Ukraine. It goes right around Ukraine. Why? Because the real insurance that Ukraine had against invasion is that Putin has to take his energy as natural gas in pipelines that go through Ukraine,” Cruz said. “Once he builds Nord Stream 2, he no longer has to worry about those pipelines.”

After the legislation on the pipeline went through in the United States, Putin halted its construction. But just four days after Biden took office, he resumed the building.

“[Putin] knew what was going to happen … which was that Joe Biden formally waived sanctions on Russia, on Putin, and gave the green light to build Nord Stream 2. That is why we have over 100,000 troops and Russian tanks on the border of Ukraine preparing to invade. That’s why we’re on the brink of war in Europe,” Cruz lamented.

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