Dem opponents: who will President Trump face in 2024?

by John Hanna

Op-ed by John Hanna | Photo: Alamy

As President Donald Trump stands to become the GOP nominee for 2024, it remains unclear what Democrat candidate Trump will face in the presidential election. The possibility remains that presidential incumbent Joe Biden may not be the Democrat Party nominee going into 2024.

It is worth noting Biden’s disapproval rating sits at 53.6 percent, and many Democrat voters want to move past Biden and choose a more viable candidate for 2024. According to one RSBN source, Roger Stone thinks the “Democratic nominee for president will be Michelle Obama.”

Michelle Obama has been approached in the past about running and has consistently denied any interest in running for president. An Obama campaign would likely utilize the positive public image of her husband, similar to how Biden campaigned in 2020. 

In addition to Michelle Obama, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has drawn considerable attention as a candidate. It is worth noting Kennedy has drawn 16 percent of voters, according to one Fox News poll. Kennedy currently poses the biggest challenge to Biden.

Similarly, Governor Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., has been viewed by some Democrats as a potential Biden replacement for 2024. At the time of this writing, Newsom has not officially announced a presidential bid. However, he may be taking steps to set up a future run. 

Most notably, Newsom agreed to appear on Fox News to be interviewed by Sean Hannity. Many Democrats viewed this as a dangerous move, but the interview provided Newsom a wider audience and a chance to take shots at Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla. 

According to Sean Hannity, Newsom has agreed to debate DeSantis based on policy-related issues. However, the debate has yet to occur. Nevertheless, it demonstrates the power of the two candidates compared to Biden’s potential run for the 2024 election.

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