Democrat voter registrations PLUMMET in three crucial swing states

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Just seven months out from the presidential race, Joe Biden faces yet another political setback—this time as it relates to the drastic registration drop of Democrat voters in three key swing states.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, Democrat registrations have plummeted in North Carolina, along with Nevada and Pennsylvania—two states that Biden narrowly flipped in 2020.

In North Carolina, a state President Trump won by more than 70,000 votes in 2020, Democrat registrations decreased by 212,084 since the last presidential election.

In Pennsylvania, Democrats hold a net of 400,000 registered voters against Republicans. However, Democrats’ numbers have fallen 336,269, or 50 percent, since 2020, a drastic cut from their prior lead of 685,818 in the Keystone State, per Daily Caller.

Furthermore, Biden narrowly carried Pennsylvania by an estimated 80,500 in 2020, meaning that his chances of carrying the state again are much lower this time around.

In Nevada, Democrat registrations have fallen from the 96,875 lead in voter registrations in 2020 to 55,116, the outlet reported.

Amid these dooming numbers for Democrats, Biden would need to experience record-high turnout and voter enthusiasm to carry these states.

More importantly, if President Trump were to carry these three states, along with all of the other states he took in 2020, he would only be nine electoral votes shy of winning a second term, which leaves Biden with very little room for error in his reelection efforts.

Real Clear Politics’s polling averages currently show the races in these three states to be tight, though President Trump is the current favorite.

President Trump held a four-point lead in North Carolina and a 3.2-point lead in Nevada as of Sunday. Biden, on the other hand, holds a narrow 0.1-point lead in Pennsylvania, according to RCP polling averages.

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