DeSantis says Florida won’t impose ‘Fauci-ism,’ no one has to ‘show medical papers to get a beer’

by Alex Caldwell

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reaffirmed residents that the state will not require vaccination mandates or lockdowns after the new Omicron Covid-19 variant was discovered in Florida, saying that Floridians will be able to make their own decisions about their health.

“I have no problem if somebody is worried, if they’re scared of Omicron, and they want to lock down or they want to isolate,” DeSantis said during a Tuesday press conference. “That is absolutely their decision in a free society, but you don’t impose ‘Fauci-ism’ on the whole country or on the whole state. It’s wrong.”

DeSantis has frequently criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden for their enthusiastic support of vaccination mandates, putting Americans under duress to either receive the vaccine, or they’ll lose their jobs. Biden’s mandates are currently held up in court over “unconstitutional concerns,” although Biden is still encouraging Americans to ignore the courts.

The Republican governor also explained why Florida was thriving during Covid-19 and why tourism has boomed in the state.

“In Florida, we’ve never, arguably, done better in hospitality than we’ve been doing lately, because people know when they come to Florida to vacation, they’re gonna be able to be treated with respect. They’re not gonna have to show medical papers to get a beer. They’re not gonna have to do that to go get lunch,” said DeSantis.

Gov. DeSantis slammed Dr. Fauci over his calls for more Covid-19 vaccination mandates, saying that he would not impose “Fauci-ism.”

DeSantis signed a package of bills last month protecting Floridians from employer-based vaccine mandates, making it illegal for employers to fire an employee for not being vaccinated. Florida public schools are also no longer allowed to enforce mask mandates or prevent healthy unvaccinated students from coming to school.

“To say [Covid-19 vaccinations] should be mandated when you can still get [Covid-19]—this is a personal choice. And so that’s what we’re doing, and that’s the science based approach—to say that this should be a personal choice,” DeSantis said prior to signing the legislation last month.

DeSantis’s comments come amid strict vaccination mandates being issued across the country, most recently in New York City. Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered all private workers and eligible children to get vaccinated, or they will not be able to participate in any indoor settings and public activities.

De Blasio ordered all public workers in the city to get vaccinated too, although New York Supreme Court Judge Frank Nervo halted this mandate on Tuesday pending a Dec. 14 hearing.

Florida, despite being the third most populous state, and banning mask and vaccination mandates, currently has one of the lowest per capita rates of Covid-19 cases in the country.

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