DeSantis signs legislation aimed at stopping CCP influence in the Sunshine State

2P4YWK9 Gov. Ron DeSantis was giving a speech rallying for Sarasota County School Board candidates in Sarasota, Florida, USA on Aug 21, 2022.

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Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., signed legislation this week that is set to diminish the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the Sunshine State.

On Twitter, the governor announced that he had signed three bills (SB 264, SB 846, and SB 258) that specifically blocks the CCP from continuing their incursion onto American soil.

“Our food security is also national security,” he said at a “Stop CCP Influence” press conference. “And so we don’t want the CCP in charge of any of the food production.”

The bills that the governor signed this week will implement the following measures:

  • Stop the CCP from purchasing farmland in the state of Florida or land that is near military bases/critical infrastructure,
  • Stop CCP influence in higher education and primary/secondary educational institutions,
  • Block user access to apps like TikTok on government and educational devices,
  • Halt the storing of sensitive data on servers affiliated or those suspected of being affiliated with Chinese influence.

DeSantis also pointed out the CCP’s strategic plan of attack on American infrastructure. “The CCP has done a really, really effective job in identifying some of the soft underbelly of American society and really focusing on academic infiltration and influence,” he stated, per The Epoch Times.

This is not the first time that Gov. DeSantis has shown his opposition to the CCP. RSBN reported in 2022 that the governor had slammed Apple for allegedly refusing to allow Chinese protestors overseas to access AirDrop on Apple devices.

“Don’t be a vassal of the CCP on one hand and then use your corporate power in the United States on the other to suffocate Americans and try to suppress their right to express themselves,” he stated in November, amid then-rumors that Apple would remove Elon Musk’s Twitter from their Apple App Store.

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