DeSantis vows to make ballot harvesting a 3rd degree felony

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made a major move on Wednesday on behalf of election integrity to ensure that the state’s elections are not tampered with.

DeSantis announced during a press conference in West Palm beach, Fla. that he intends to make ballot harvesting punishable by law as a 3rd degree felony rather than a simple “misdemeanor” which has been unsuccessful in deterring bad actors across the country.

In addition to harsher penalties on ballot harvesting, the Florida governor also promised to “create a separate office at the state level,” that will be dedicated to prosecuting election crimes, according to WFLA.

Addressing issues with drop boxes, DeSantis called for safeguards to ensure people cannot “stuff” them with ballots that came from who knows where.

Differentiating himself from other public officials who have called for election integrity measures without taking real action, DeSantis promised to actually “enforce” these measures through the new office that focuses on these matters alone.

Watch a replay of the press conference on RSBN at Rumble.

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