DeSantis will fine any county or city requiring employees to be vaccinated

by Libby Krieger
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Monday that any county or city in the state that seeks to require employees to receive the Covid-19 vaccine will be fined.

Following Joe Biden’s unconstitutional push to force private businesses into requiring employees be vaccinated, DeSantis pushed back against the mandates.

With a penalty of $5,000 per person, the Republican governor hopes to deter governmental institutions from mandating the jab.

“We are gonna stand for the men and women who are serving us. We are gonna protect Florida jobs,” DeSantis said while speaking in Alachua County, according to WPTV. “We are not gonna let people be fired because of a vaccine mandate.”

A person’s decision to get vaccinated against Covid-19, which the Florida governor referred to as “a personal choice on their individual health,” should not be cause to be fired from a job, he said.

DeSantis essentially noted that S.B. 2006, which bans private businesses from requiring the vaccine, also applies to governmental entities to protect against a mandate.

Florida is not the only state to push back against Biden’s vaccine mandate though, as 27 states, the Center Square reported, have already vowed to fight the unprecedented mandate.

Also pushing back on Biden was Gov. Doug Ducey, R- Ariz., who called the vaccine mandate “outrageous.”

“Governors don’t report to Joe Biden. Governors don’t report to the federal government, the states created the federal government, and Joe Biden has stepped out of his reach,” Ducey said. “These mandates are outrageous. They will never stand up in court. We must and will push back.”

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