Details on Trump’s next Georgia rally: When, where, and how to watch

Shortly after announcing a “Save America” rally in Iowa, President Donald J. Trump revealed he will be holding a rally later this month in the heart of Georgia.

President Trump is expected to deliver remarks at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, Ga., at 7:00pm EDT on Saturday, Sept. 25.

The event will host speakers to give pre-show remarks by special guests which could include GOP primary challengers that Trump recently endorsed for U.S. Senate, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of State. Namely, senatorial candidate Herschel Walker, and state Sen. Burt Jones for Lt. Gov, could be among those invited to speak at the rally.

Just last week, Walker, a retired NFL star and long-time friend of Trump’s, was officially endorsed by the 45th president to run against sitting Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock who faced intense scrutiny during runoff campaigns last year.

“Herschel Walker is a friend, a patriot and an outstanding American who is going to be a great United States senator,” Trump wrote in his endorsement statement. “Herschel is tough on crime and borders, and he will always stand in support of law enforcement, military and our vets. He will fight hard for our Second Amendment and voter integrity.”

State Sen. Burt Jones has been an avid supporter of President Trump since 2016 and is an outspoken proponent of election integrity, as well as the “America First” agenda.

“I am the only person in my race who has had the president’s back from Day 1, and it’s an honor to have his full support”, expressed Jones. “As lieutenant governor, I will work to advance the president’s America First agenda and continue to grow our economy, improve our schools, secure our elections, and keep Georgia safe.”

Trump’s visit to the Peach State comes just months after Republicans lost both Georgia Senate seats up for grabs in the runoffs that took place in early January.

The 45th president is keeping a close eye on Georgia as it is a swing state that is crucial to winning presidential elections and could determine the future of the country.

To watch this rally on Saturday, Sept. 25, tune into RSBN on the mobile app or Rumble livestream.

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