Devin Nunes: Truth Social is ‘the fastest-growing social media company in history’

Truth Social app logo seen on the smartphone and blurred flag of America on the background. New social media platform from Donald Trump. Stafford, United Kingdom, October 24, 2021.

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Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) CEO and former California Rep. Devin Nunes spoke out against the mainstream media’s fallacious reporting on President Donald Trump’s app, Truth Social.

During an interview with the Washington Times, Nunes advised Americans to steer away from the “fake news” and adverse reporting surrounding the launch of Truth Social.

“Bottom line is it’s the fastest-growing social media company in history,” Nunes said. “There hasn’t been one that has grown faster.”

Although over one million people were waitlisted on the app following a surge in signups in March, the anti-Trump media aims to discredit the massive success the platform has attracted.

“A lot of the fake news guys. … They did this on purpose because the only guys who have been out there talking are myself and Donald Trump who have said we’re going to be fully open when we’re ready to be fully open because we’re building all this from scratch,” Nunes said referring to the media’s criticism of the platform’s debut.

According to the former congressman, the President’s Day launch was only an introduction to Truth Social. The preliminary opening was to help fix bugs needed to expand access beyond the Apple App Store.

Even so, the app climbed to number one on Apple’s Top Charts as users hurried to join Truth Social moments after its launch.

Furthermore, Nunes insists users have already experienced increased engagements and interactions on Truth Social, likely due to the platform’s lack of shadow ban and censorship most conservatives receive from mainstream social media apps.

Web access to the platform should arrive in the coming weeks as the team works to build it from scratch “without using any of the tech tyrants, anyone who can cancel us, we have to go methodically, step by step, to ensure both quality and reliability,” Nunes stated.

The fact that thousands of Americans continue to await entry onto Trump’s sensational app disputes the media’s attempts to smear the 45th president’s most anticipated project yet.

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