Devin Nunes: Truth Social web app is coming soon

2H37MPB 26 October 2021, Barcelona, Spain: the homepage of the new "Truth Social", a social network announced by former US President Donald Trump is seen on a

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The CEO of Trump Media & Technology Group, Devin Nunes, appeared on Fox Business on Wednesday to discuss upcoming expansions with Truth Social, a free speech platform kick-started by President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Stuart Varney, Nunes stated that at the end of this month, “we’re going to open up to the entire web with a web app, which is going to be very exciting because we already have a very growing and vibrant community – it’s a lot of fun being on our platform.”

Varney also touched on the big news of Twitter’s sale to Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

“We’re all for it [it],” Nunes said of Musk purchasing Twitter. “We’re definitely in favor of it,” he added. However, Nunes said that the users in America are “clearly not on Twitter.”

The CEO continued, “We see that just in the engagement. People get much more engagement on our platform even though we’ve barely been open…so what do we need to focus on here? And this is where the real people are in this country – hundreds of millions of Americans. Facebook and Instagram…but I think, more concerning than that is Chinese-owned TikTok.”

Additionally, Nunes explained that the best part about Truth Social is that it “can’t be canceled” because the company functions “without” Big Tech.

Because of this, Nunes stated last week that Truth Social would likely be a target of the Biden administration’s newly-minted Disinformation Governance Board. “I think that’s a direct attack on what we are doing at Truth Social, because we can no longer be canceled,” he told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

Truth Social users have been waiting for a web app expansion for the platform. They are especially eager to connect with President Trump as he returns to social media to keep his supporters updated.

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