Donald Trump Jr. details game plan to WIN BIG in 2024: ‘We have to start playing the game aggressively’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Donald Trump Jr. laid out a practical game plan for conservative Americans who want to take back the country from the radical Democrats in 2024, offering a blueprint for success with a strategy to fight fire with fire.

“If we don’t start doing the same things that Democrats do, none of it matters,” he said during remarks delivered at CPAC on Friday, in Washington, D.C. “We have to be ballot harvesting. For the first time, perhaps ever, we’re actually winning on the issues, but we can’t implement all of the things that we want, the logical things, like same-day voting, paper ballots, ID checks. Like, even the socialists in Europe are like, ‘You seriously don’t have those things?’ Like, they’re left of some of the lunatics on the left here and they’re shocked that we don’t.”

PNC Bank suddenly canceled Donald Trump Jr’s bank account this week

He added, “While we want all of those things as Republicans we’ll NEVER GET THEM if we don’t actually play the game. Right? The left has weaponized Covid, they weaponized the pandemic to change the playing field and guess what? We can’t implement the things that we want if we’re not in control.”

He also advised people to start voting “with their wallets” to send a message to liberal companies. “The number one thing that we can do to make sure our values exist into the future is fueling the patriot economy,” he said.

Trump addressed PNC Bank’s abrupt cancellation of the bank account for his recently launched app, MXM News, this week. Via Fox News, PNC inexplicably terminated their business dealings with Mr. Trump, without any explanation.

“Guys, we gotta fight back,” he said. “They could take out the most powerful man in the world, the president of the united states, like they did to my father. Because if you have one guy going out there by himself, all the slings, all of the arrows can be put on that person…they cannot do it to us if there’s 175 million Americans willing to stand up for themselves, for decency, for our values!”

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