Durham releases bombshell texts from Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann: report

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John Durham reportedly unleashed evidence against former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, alleging Sussmann falsely misguided the FBI when attempting to smear President Donald Trump.

According to a court filing Monday, Durham released text messages showing Sussmann lying to then-FBI general counsel James Baker during a text exchange in September 2016.

The text exchange surrounds a meeting where Sussmann made false accusations about ties between the Trump Organization and the Russian Alfa Bank. Sussmann, a Clinton campaign lawyer, told Baker he was seeking to speak to him on his own accord and not on behalf of a client, Just The News reported.

“Jim – it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss,” Sussmann wrote to Baker a day before their meeting. “Do you have availibilty [sic] for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own – not on behalf of a client or company – want to help the Bureau. Thanks.”

However, Durham claims Sussmann “had assembled and conveyed the allegations to the FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients,” including Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton campaign. According to Fox News, Tech Executive-1 has been identified; however, he is not named in the filling.

Sussmann has made multiple contradictory statements about the time he met with Baker.

During an interview under oath with the then-chief congressional investigator for the House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation, Kash Patel, Sussmann was asked whether he met with the FBI and CIA of his “own volition.” Sussmann replied with a “no” to the question.

Moreover, the outlet reported that Sussmann then responded “yes” when asked if a client prompted him to meet with the FBI regarding Trump-Russia allegations.

Patel commented on Durham’s latest bombshell, saying, “Durham has just shown the whole world what major pieces of our Russiagate investigation revealed.”

“Hard evidence, emails and text messages, showing the Clinton Campaign, Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Joffe, and the media were all synced in August of 2016 pushing the false Alfa Bank server story, while also all working on the Steele Dossier matter,” he continued.

The filling follows recent revelations by the Federal Election Commission accusing the Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee of “lying” about funding the conspiratorial Russian dossier.

It is evident that the Clinton campaign attempted to smear then-presidential candidate Donald Trump with false accusations during the 2016 presidential election and beyond – a suspicion Trump has had from the start.

Durham’s filling affirms this suspicion to be accurate, claiming Sussmann “worked in concert with each other and with agents of the Clinton Campaign to research and disseminate the Russian Bank-1 allegations.”

“Accordingly, these parties acted as ‘joint venturer[s]’ and therefore should be ‘considered as co-conspirator[s],” Durham wrote.

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