England finally axes remaining Covid rules

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday during a press conference that England would be axing the remaining Covid-related restrictions, including the “legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test.” According to the Manchester Evening News, those who test positive for Covid will no longer be legally required to stay home for five days.

In January, England rolled back their push for vaccine passports and scaled back most of their domestic coronavirus-related restrictions. This is the result of months of public backlash and protests in the face of astringent lockdown procedures and medical tyranny, according to a RSBN report.

Prime Minister Johnson added during his Monday press conference that they would be ending self-isolation “support payments.” Johnson also highlighted the fact that they would be terminating “routine contact tracing,” which uses cellphone tracing technology to identify citizens who may have had Covid or been exposed to it.

Further, the prime minister announced that the government would also be rolling back the “legal requirement for close contacts who are not fully vaccinated to self-isolate.” This is a win for citizens in Britain who have been medically discriminated against for their vaccination status.

Interestingly, Prime Minister Johnson clarified that while the government advises that people who experience symptoms of Covid-19 or test positive to stay at home, as of April 1, they will simply encourage citizens to “exercise personal responsibility.” This comment was met with cheers by the audience.

In an ironic twist, the prime minister advised that people treat Covid just as graciously as one might treat the flu and to be “considerate to others” in not spreading the virus. Of course, this approach to combatting the coronavirus has been espoused by most of the British people who have been protesting the astringent coronavirus restrictions for the past year.

This new announcement is another step forward for Britain and a monumental victory for the British people, who have been fighting long and hard against forced vaccinations and medical mandates in their country.

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