EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Madison Cawthorn Slams Ongoing ‘Biden Border Crisis’

by Vianca Rodriguez

In an interview this week with Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., the congressman addressed the crisis on our southern border and offered additional details regarding “No-Fly for Illegals Act.”

Rep. Madison Cawthorn introduced legislation earlier this week which would effectively curb illegal migration domestically. The “No-Fly for Illegals Act” would prevent federal funds from being used to pay for commercial flights that transport illegal immigrants between states, with no legal accountability.

Slamming the Biden administration for endangering the “safety” of U.S. border communities, Cawthorn said “Safeguarding our border is a primary function of effective government,” which is a responsibility Biden is neglecting to take care of.

“Each day, the Biden Border Crisis continues; drugs, human trafficking, and lawlessness jeopardize the security of our community. Safeguarding our border is a primary function of effective government,” Cawthorn stated.

“Our border patrol stations are already above total capacity, some above 200% capacity,” the congressman continued. “With border facilities overrun, instead of fixing the root problem, the Biden Administration is looking to turn every town into a border town.”

Explaining why the “No-Fly for Illegals Act” would be beneficial to pass amid the border crisis, Cawthorn said it would “force the Biden Administration to take real steps to fix the crisis,” instead of sending “the results of their failed policies to your doorstep.”

He also indicated the bill could help decrease ongoing rates of human and sex trafficking resulting from Biden’s open border policies.

“The unprecedented amount of human/sex trafficking happening at our border, due to the Biden Administration’s failure to act, is a tragedy,” he told RSBN. “It’s utterly reprehensible that the Biden Administration would put leftist border policies over the safety and wellbeing of minors.”

Addressing the federal government’s abuse of the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA), which is supposed to be a nonpartisan agency, Cawthorn slammed the Biden Administration for turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants’ lack of proper identification and documentation.

“The federal government should be following federal law, not circumventing the rule of law for their radical partisan agenda,” said Cawthorn. “The brave men and women of TSA are just following orders, whether they’re complicit or not, they’re just doing their jobs.”

This comes after the TSA was reportedly caught making exceptions for migrants the Biden Administration is using tax dollars to fly across the country.

Cawthorn recently became one of many outspoken critics of the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis after visiting the border last month with President Donald Trump and other Republican elected officials.

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