Florida agency files an important administrative complaint to protect the state’s children

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On Tuesday, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco, filed an administrative complaint against R House, a Miami-area bar.

The complaints’ allegations are serious and include multiple instances where the bar allegedly hosted sexualized drag shows where partially nude performers engaged with young children.

For example, the complaint contains an allegation that, on one occasion, a transgender dancer was filmed leading a young girl (who appeared to be between three and five years old and was holding a dollar bill) by the hand and walking with her through the bar’s dining area. As outlined in the complaint, “the dancer’s buttocks were fully exposed,” as were other parts of his body, and his “g-string”-style bikini was “stuffed with dollar bills.”

In addition, the complaint includes allegations of many other such instances occurring at the bar, including but not limited to claims involving a “Drag Show Brunch,” which the bar allegedly markets to young children or families with young children. According to the complaint, on one such occasion, a dancer gyrated in front of a child “while wearing a skintight red outfit with a hole cut directly between his buttocks.”

As a result of the alleged conduct occurring on the premises, the DBPR is seeking to revoke R House’s alcoholic beverage license. According to the agency, revocation is warranted because R House allegedly permitted conduct on the premises and on various occasions in front of children that allegedly violated various Florida laws. Such laws involve public nuisances, lewd activity, disorderly conduct that corrupts the public’s morals and outrages the sense of public decency, and the unlawful exposure of sexual organs.

The State of Florida, through the leadership of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, has taken a firm stance against efforts to indoctrinate and sexualize children.

Gov. DeSantis recently tweeted:

“Florida stands with parents to protect children. Exposing children to inappropriate sexualized content is wrong and the state will hold accountable those establishments that transgress this clear boundary.”

Moreover, DeSantis stated during a recent speech, “It used to be – people have different views about what they want to do as adults – but it used to be, you know, the kids are off limits. No one wanted to bring the kids into any of this stuff, and we’ve got to get back to that.”

R House has 21 days to respond. It could lose its liquor license if the court determines it violated one or more of these laws.

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