Florida and Texas lead America in gun sales

A report published by Safehome.org on Feb. 16 reveals that guns sales continue to skyrocket across the United States, with Florida and Texas leading the way.

Data shows that 2021 was the second-best year for gun sales, boasting almost 19 million legally purchased firearms. However, that is a 13 percent drop from the 2020 gun sales that peaked over 21 million, but 40 percent higher than sales in 2019.

Despite the slight decrease, the organization reported that “The total number of guns sold in 2021 is still more than double the amount sold in 2001.” When examining the data from 2002 to 2021, “Sales in the U.S. rose by about 155 percent.”

Topping the charts with 1.6 million guns sales, Texas leads all other states in total gun sales. Closely following the Lone Star state is Florida, with 1.4 million firearms sold. In 2019, Sunshine State was given a nickname, the “Gunshine State,” due to having the highest number of concealed carry permits at the time. Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, and Montana take the cake when considering purchases per capita.

Arriving in last place with just 33 guns sold in 2021 is the Aloha State, Hawaii.

More Americans are exercising their right to keep and bear arms, but gun sales aren’t the only rising statistic.

Murder rates in liberal cities with strict gun restrictions are breaking records across the country. Homicides increased by 30 percent in 2020 and four percent in 2021. Prompted by a 12 percent uptick of murder cases Los Angeles, Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “To put that in context, I remember the first half of this past year when those numbers were well north of 25 percent.”

Comparing Los Angeles to other Democrat-controlled cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Phoenix, Mayor Garcetti said, “this is the safest city” for homicidal crimes.

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