Florida ranks #1 in economic freedom

2J1YBE8 SHADY HILLS, Florida, USA. 28th Mar, 2022. Gov. Ron DeSantis prepares to sign the Parental Rights in Education bill during a news conference on Monday, March 28, 2022, at Classical Preparatory school in Shady Hills. (Credit Image: © Douglas R. Clifford/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Press Wire)

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Under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., Florida maintains its title as number one in economic freedom in the nation.

DeSantis shared the achievement on Twitter Monday, writing, “Florida ranks #1 among the states for economic freedom!”

According to the Cato Institute, which calculates personal and economic freedom across the country, the Sunshine State continues to hold the top position regarding economic freedom, which it has held since 2014.

Despite soaring inflation and a crippling national economy, Florida has seen numerous economic milestones this year alone.

DeSantis recently announced that Florida’s unemployment rate dipped to a historic low of 2.7 percent in July, achieved only three times since the state began recording unemployment data in 1976, according to a press release.

“Florida continues to outperform the nation because freedom first policies work,” DeSantis said on the milestone. “July’s job numbers represent one of the largest month’s job gains over the past generation and Florida continues to outpace the nation in labor force growth.”

Earlier this year, Florida also reported 22 consecutive months of added jobs, with “8,132,300 private sector jobs statewide in February 2022, an increase of 525,200 jobs, or 6.9 percent, over the year,” RSBN previously reported.

DeSantis also delivered a $1.2 billion tax relief package in May, the “biggest” in state history.

In July, the Florida Department of Financial Services revealed that the Sunshine State outperformed the country, with a 6.3 percent GDP growth rate compared to the country’s 5.4 percent, in the second quarter of 2020.

Florida’s stronghold economy will likely lead DeSantis to an election victory come November as the governor seeks a second term.

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