Gaetz has a plan to grant Trump immunity against legal battles

2HTH5HR Orlando, Florida, USA. 26th Feb, 2022. Representative MATT GAETZ (R-FL) speaks at the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC.(Credit Image: © Brian Cahn/ZUMA Press Wire)

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Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., unveiled a plan to aid President Donald Trump against the questionable legal battles he is currently facing.

In an interview with Turning Point USA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk Tuesday, he discussed the details.  

Gaetz pointed out that the legitimacy of the charges against President Trump is questionable, and those who oppose him have already been caught in legal troubles of their own. 

He called out ex-FBI agent Charles McGonigal and his role in the Robert Muller investigation of the Russia Collusion Hoax against President Trump, which was debunked by the Durham report, per RSBN

He said, “McGonigal who was on the ground floor of the investigation to accuse Trump of working with Russia has now pled guilty to working with Russia.”

The New York Post recently detailed McGonical’s legal woes, which directly display greater issues within the justice system, a system which is now being used to punish President Trump.

Gaetz then went on to note his plan to grant President trump immunity against his current legal battles. 

He said, “First, we should tell Jack Smith that he has to show up and give a transcribed interview to the House Judiciary Committee in the next 15 days.”

Gaetz noted that the House should issue a subpoena if he refuses and then hold him in “criminal contempt” if he continues to ignore the subpoena.

“Force him to be the first prosecutor to bring a case while under criminal contempt himself. And if Merrick Garland won’t enforce that criminal contempt, then he subjects himself to an impeachment of the House,” he added.

This strategy is built to display the questionable grounds for the charges against Trump. 

In addition, Gaetz then suggested that the House bring Trump in to testify as a whistleblower in regard to the questionable actions of the DOJ to grant him immunity.  

He described a need to be unconventional due to the nature of the current weaponization of the government, stating, “I think the timing is on purpose. No timing in D.C. is ever just a mere coincidence.”

Gaetz said that if Trump were to become the “ultimate whistleblower,” it would grant protections from weaponized political attacks and “Neuter the deprivation of rights and the conspiracy charges.”

Furthermore, this plan could allow President Trump to blow the whistle on Nancy Pelosi and her refusal to accept armed troops on Jan. 6.

“It’s never something that you typically think of as a first step,” he said. But Gaetz admitted that he thinks the DOJ has become “the enforcement wing of the democratic party.”

He noted that most Republicans are not preparing to fight for their side and warned that the Democrats are. 

“They’re coming after our people, our movement, and our president,” he declared. 

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