GETTR sees massive growth in March as users flee Big Tech censorship

by Summer Lane

GETTR, the free speech platform alternative to Twitter, experienced a serious uptick is user growth in March, with sign-ups for the platform skyrocketing an impressive 34 percent.

Chief Executive Officer Jason Miller, who was also a former Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump, stated in a GETTR press release, “Every day, people are reminded that the Silicon Valley oligarchs are enemies of free speech, and every day that’s good news for GETTR, since we are a platform dedicated to free expression.”

Interestingly, as censorship on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has tightened up since early 2021, free speech platforms like GETTR have unsurprisingly exploded in popularity.

Kaelan Dorr, SVP of Marketing and Global Engagement at GETTR told RSBN why he believed that Big Tech platforms have driven users into the arms of free speech sites.

“Big Tech simply cannot help themselves,” he said, “and as a result, we’re seeing record growth. Our technology is the best in the business, our engagement is incredibly high, and our goal of censorship-free social media is our guiding star.”

RSBN’s live streams are also available to watch on GETTR’s platform.

GETTR has officially registered five million users around the globe, and they have also reported a staggering 50 percent growth overall in 2022 just a few months in.

Popular conservative pundits and even breakaway free speech-supporting celebrities have joined the platform, including actor Russell Brand and podcast host Joe Rogan.

“There are entire generations of young freedom fighters out there who know nothing but censorship and Big Tech overreach and we simply will not stop until the whole world is on GETTR,” Dorr continued in his statement. “Between short-form video, live streaming, direct messaging, and online tipping and appreciation we feel like we have the most complete user experience on the market and look forward to continued growth in future months.”

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