Gov. DeSantis promises Florida will remain a free state

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis released a clip from his annual State of the State address on social media Friday morning that reiterates his steadfast commitment to ensuring the Sunshine State remains “freedom’s vanguard.”

The Republican governor reviewed the accomplishments of his administration over the past year, which most notably includes extending protections for small businesses and ensuring citizens would keep their jobs during the Covid-19 shut-downs.

More highlights include legislation that ensured children would return to in-person learning, and of course, DeSantis’ action to remove Critical Race Theory (CRT) from Florida schools.

When referring to lockdowns, school closures, and draconian mandates, DeSantis noted “These unprecedented policies have been as ineffective as they have been destructive. They are grounded more in blind adherence to Faucian declarations than they are in the constitutional traditions that are the foundation of free nations.”

“Florida has stood strong as a rock of freedom and it is upon this rock that we must build Florida’s future,” DeSantis concluded, followed by a wave of applause.

Despite enduring challenges in his personal life, namely his wife’s battle with cancer, the Sunshine State’s governor has worked tirelessly over the course of the past year to refuse unconstitutional mandates. He has successfully prohibited mask mandates, banned vaccine passports, and aided businesses trying to stay afloat as nationwide lockdowns, heightened inflation, and gripping supply chain problems threatened their closures.

In recognition of his accomplishments, DeSantis was recently awarded the ‘Defender of Freedom’ award at a Christian event that took place on New Year’s Eve in Miami.

Gov. Ron DeSantis remains committed to the principle of keeping Florida free from coercive rules and laws. It is no wonder why Democrat leaders and politicians from some of the strictest blue states continue to visit the Sunshine State: they enjoy the freedoms and liberties enshrined, as much as they may publicly deny it.

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