Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders formally endorses Trump at ELECTRIC Florida rally

by Summer Lane

Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) issued her formal public endorsement of President Donald Trump on Wednesday night in Hialeah, Florida, at an electrifying MAGA rally.

“I am so proud to endorse my former boss, my friend, and everybody’s favorite president – Donald J. Trump!” she announced.

The Arkansas governor previously foreshadowed her formal endorsement in Hialeah earlier this week, building anticipation for her appearance at the Florida event.

“President Trump made us great and I know that he will do it again!” she declared.

She described him as a great boss and an outstanding father, and lauded him for empowering her to do her job when she served in his administration as the White House Press Secretary.

“He’s not afraid to be an outsider, a change agent – a disrupter,” she said.

She praised him for putting “America first” and heralded him for defending her when no one else would.

The crowd was so excited to listen to Gov. Sanders’ speech that they occasionally broke out into chants of “Trump” and “USA!”

She concluded, “Today our country is under attack from the outside and from within. And let me be clear: Joe Biden is NOT up for the job. His party has gone completely crazy and we need President Trump to step in and help bring our country back. We need him to finish what he started eight years ago. We need him to make America great again.”

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