Gun Sales Skyrocket Amid Leftist Push to Defund the Police

Firearm sales across the nation skyrocketed in July resulting in the second-highest numbers on record for the month. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to advocate for defunding the police as violent crime upticks in a variety of metropolitan cities.

According to FBI data, there were 1.3 million to 1.4 million firearm sales during the month of July, pushing the yearly total to 11 million so far.

Mark Olivia, head of Public Relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, weighed in on the growing trend saying, “Summer is typically a part of the year when firearm sales will slow, but July’s figures defy that trend.”

“Americans are still buying guns, and they’re buying them in numbers higher than previous years and at a pace that would have been unpredictable two or three years ago,” Olivia stated. “To date, more than 11 million background checks have been completed for the sale of a gun.”

Olivia’s comments come as crime surges in several metropolitan cities across the country shortly after having police department funding slashed.

Cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, and Minneapolis have seen growing trends of violent crime and in many cases have had their funding for local police departments cut by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Despite dwindling inventories, experts predict this year’s gun sales total could top years past as Americans become increasingly concerned about public safety.

Meanwhile, data from 2019 depicts gun sales for the entire year totaled 13.2 million, while this year’s total is already at 11 million.

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